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Dragomon hunter crusader build guide

Dragomon hunter crusader build guide - crusader is cleric specialization that using hammer
Dragomon hunter crusader guide written by inasteven

this isn’t really fully my guide most of the text and details were written by my boyfriend he has a really nice crusader. I hope you find it useful it is basically going to be a detailed build on a cloth armor crusader  including its pros, cons, how to gear it and what skills are useful.
What classes exist in the game?
well as CBT isn’t even out yet i thought i should at least list the classes to help you guys who don’t yet know, get an idea.
there are at the start (CBT and OBT phase), 4 main classes which include mercenary, scout, cleric and wizard. each have their own benefits and uses in the game. This guide will cover cleric which will include its sub job crusader and a bit of info on fighter.
P.S. we also have dual swords class which we will be making a guide for next which is a sub class for scout, we will also make a guide for gunners and fighters.
Future classes
there will be a few classes that will be released in the future which includes samurai and knight.
In my opinion samurai is an awesome class and one of the very best in the game for pvp, both the heavy and cloth armor sub-classes.
TIP: if you like a future class and want to play it as your main, you DON’T have to wait for its release to start gearing it up, this is because first all gear and character items such as dragon board attribute stones can be transferred through shared storage.
What is a crusader and is it the right class for me? 
well basically a crusader, particularly a cloth armor crusader is one of he best damage classes in the game, the damage it can put out with some of its skills is insane. It by far out damages my leather armor dual swords and is almost on par with assassin cloth armor.
on top of offering awesome damage, crusader come with the best heals in the game (better than fighters). these heals can (if you have enough attack), fully heal all members of the party and even fully heal yourself which is awesome for both PVP and PVE.
crusader  also come with stuns, which in my opinion are really good for PVP, the best stun lasts 3 seconds and with it, you can even take out heavy armor 5* geared classes before the stun is over.
Finally, crusader  are also capable of range attacks which gives them the ability to kite and even range one shot cloth classes and even leather armor classes in pvp.
Well i will list the pros and cons of a crusader here which will hopefully help you guys decide:
– Speeds through dungeons (max level 5* cloth armor crusader) due to top level damage.
– Fully able to support party with the best heals in the game.
– Stuns make crusader very good for 1vs1 pvp .
– 2 ranged attacks give it the ability to kite bosses and take out other players from long distances.
– Cloth armor can be squishy and it can be hard starting out until you gear up.
even at end game the hardest dungeons in the game require you to learn the mechanics, if you don’t roll (which gives i-frames) for some of the hardest bosses you can get 1 shotted.
What is a fighter? 
a fighter is the opposite tree for a cleric, unlike a crusader that has the option to use cloth and leather, fighter has the option to use leather and heavy. In my opinion, fighter is more of a solo mode class, as it doesn’t offer as powerful heals to the party or offer as much dmg as a crusader, but due to the fact that it can use leather or heavy, has better tanking ability and some pretty nice high dmg skills.
TIP: when starting out crusader can be hard to do some dungeons with, until you gear out due to being more squishy and because of this, it can be very helpful to change to a fighter at level 15 to use heavy armor to finish those hard to do dungeons as class change is free.
How to gear my cleric?
Well with cleric, you have the options of cloth and leather and in my opinion cloth is a much better choice. And of course this is a guide to cloth armor crusader.
Cloth Armor
NOTE: the armor i will also base explanations on is what 80-90% of the best and most well geared Thai players use which is full purple armor (PVP set) with a yellow weapon (better than PVP weapon for damage in PVP and PVE), this gear is 50 cap gear and may not be released at the start of OBT but is the first purple and yellow sets in the game.
The reason i recommend cloth is because cloth offers Attack %, Penetration % (also known as Crit DMG but it is a different type of Crit DMG which i will explain below), Raw Penetration stat, damage to Human % and Cri DMG % (real Crit DMG %) which greatly increases your heals as they are attack based, and the penetration gives you a raw increase on your critical DMG (i will explain about this below), which also offers more damage to the party. basically every stat on cloth gives you a huge boost on your dmg and healing ability.
Leather armor 
Leather armor offers Crit%, Raw Crit stat, Full Resistance %, Human DMG % and Crit DMG %. Basically offering more crit rate opposed to cloth which gives you more Crit DMG and Attack. It is important to note that the more Raw Crit you get the harder it is to increase the Crit %, and it is due to this fact that i recommend cloth. Basically its really easy to get 60% + Crit but very hard to get over 90% (my full leather max enchanted 5* dual swords only gained 89% Crit Rate when fully geared up with leather and with its personalised Crit based buff of 15%). There is also the fact that skill add-ons can give you Crit % on the skill you use, which allows you to almost cap Crit Rate on skills without using leather. Leather wont allow you to tank 1 shotting attacks on the strongest bosses also.
leather also gives less Crit DMG and lowers your attack which in turn lowers the heals you can offer to your party and in my opinion also lowers your overall damage.
NOTE: I’m not saying leather is worthless or not the right choice for you, i am simply sharing my thoughts of playing with full 5* cloth and leather on crusader, and also playing heavy on other classes.
What cloth armor to gear up my crusader with?
Well in my opinion purple PVP armor is the best choice, not only because PVP is such a huge part of the game (and is very necessary to get some of the best Dragon Jades, mounts and sub fashions in the game), but also because yellow armor doesn’t offer much over what purple does in PVE other than a bit more defence and reduction to specific bosses, which you will still get 1 shotted if you don’t dodge the best bosses in he game anyway. Purple PVP cloth armor gives you awesome damage bonuses from making it 5* which i explained above, however a full picture of each armor part and the stat it gives along with set bonus for combining all parts together is shown below.
Yellow named weapon and why its better than purple for both PVP and PVE 
Yellow weapons are awesome, this is because they offer a huge 50% extra damage to all bosses in the game which makes you soooo much stronger, it is one of the best boosts you can get from adding * to your gear. The PVP purple weapon does give 10% damage to humans, but the yellow weapon’s raw stat is even better than the 10% boost that the PVP weapon gives (when made 130%), which gives you more damage even in PVP. The picture below breaks down the stat yellow weapon offers to you.
For accessories you can have two sets for PVE and PVP, you can obtain PVE accessories from drop there are really some good ones that I use on my character and is known to all people.
PVE Accessories:
– Mifinda’s Betray
Accessory Level: Lv45.
Accessory Type: Necklace.
Accessory Description: 20% of your DEF is added on to your attack. (green stat)
Obtained From: Lv41-50 Bosses.
Why This Accessory?: Because the more Attack the better.
– Legolas’s Favor
Accessory Level: Lv35.
Accessory Type: Ring
Accessory Description: 2% of your HP is added on to your Attack.
Obtained From: Lv31-40 Bosses.
Why This Accessory?: Same as before.
– Appetite Force
Accessory Level: Lv35.
Accessory Type: Cloak
Accessory Description: 10% of Crit is added on to your Attack.
Obtained From: Chief Foods Group Prestige Merchant, 250 Reputation.
Why This Accessory?: ~ ~ ~
– Alternate Cloak: Stalin’s Ridicule
Accessory Level: Lv50.
Accessory Type: Cloak
Accessory Description: 10% of Crit is added on to Attack, +1000 HP.
Obtained From: Lv50 Hero Dungeon Singe/Party, Mana Tree Tower Dungeon, Boss Drop.
Why This Accessory?: ~ ~ ~
That is it for PVE accessories, as for the Trophies, you can use anything you want there is no specific one, or you could use the ones I will mention in the PVP section.
PVP Accessories:
– Amkor memories
Accessory Level: Lv45
Accessory Type: Neclace.
Accessory Description: 8% HP, 5% Human damage
Obtained From: Battlefield Merchant, 7200 Pink PVP Tokens.
– Hanmo quite crazy
Accessory Level: Lv45.
Accessory Type: Ring.
Accessory Description: Reduces DMG taken by 25%, 5% Human damage.
Obtained From: Battlefield Merchant, 7200 Pink PVP Tokens.
– Jacob’s back
Accessory Level: Lv45.
Accessory Type: Cloak
Accessory Description: Crit DMG taken is reduced by 20%, 5% Human damage.
Obtained From: Battlefield Merchant, 7200 Pink PVP Tokens.
– Lawrence fraternity
Accessory Level: Lv45.
Accessory Type: Trophy.
Accessory Description: Human damage reduction by 5%.
Obtained From: Battlefield Merchant, 7200 Pink PVP Tokens.
– Charlotte morale
Accessory Level: Lv45
Accessory Type: Trophy
Accessory Description: +350 ATK, Human damage reduction 5%.
Obtained From: Battlefield Merchant, 7200 Pink PVP Tokens.
Costumes & Sub-Costumes (Dragon Jade effects)
For the Sub-Costume you are going to use as a main body part, eitherTornado Whirlwind which can be obtained from Drake Runawaydungeon, though it won’t be available at the start of the game. Or you can go for Meteorite body part, which can be bought from the battlefield Merchant for 58,000 Pink PVP Tokens.
Costumes. Red Lotus Wings
Apparel. Evolution Ranger
As for the head part you can use any that you like I will give you 2 examples, Headdress: Explosion Fighter This head part gives you 6% Crit DMG, and its effect is when you are getting hit there is a chance to stun the enemy for 2 seconds. it is a useful skill to have for PVP. it can be obtained from Lv31-40 Hunter Club from the dungeon Cruel Prison, the boss name is Locke chief (Cow Boss).
The second option is Headdress. Star Angel This can be obtained from Star Field dungeons which is located with the Fam dungeons. I am not very sure about how it works but I have seen its effect it lets people float when it activates. this is the headdress the Mage is using. and it gives you 3% attack.
Headdress: Explosion Fighter
Headdress: Star Angel
Dragon Jades 
Jades are a very important part about your build, i am going to be recommending some of the best and most used jades in the game for you guys. Jades for both you and your pet to make the most of your crusader.
Gloves Dragon Jade – Rock Stingray’s Jade (Meteorite skill) 
Lets start with the Gloves jade, simply because this is probably one of the most over powered jades in the whole game and one of the first useful jades you will obtain (Lv20 Jade), it basically is a jade that procs a skill known as Meteorite and the proc rate is very high, basically meteorite is better than many damage skills for all classes, it summons meteorites from the sky in a big AOE and lasts for a good few seconds. In PVE this can do huge damage to bosses and clear out a while area of mobs. In PVP alone this skill proc is enough to take down even 5* heavy armor users just from the damage it puts out if they can not escape it in time, if this procs as you use your stun then in most cases that PVP is a win for you XD. The picture below shows this jade and there is also a picture showing the map and boss in which you can obtain it. You can also buy it from the Auction if other people are selling it and can be purchased with Dragon Coins.
Stat on meteor skill 
the stat you try to roll on each jade is very important, it helps a lot to cap out important stats for your class, the stat i am going to show in the picture below on this meteor jade is recommended for most jades for the build i am going to show you and for cloth armor. Picture below shows the stat you can reroll with Dragon Jade Transformation Stone and some other materials, and is considered P.Pot (perfect potential) in the Thai server and would cost the most amount of money for this jade. This is because it gives HP (which is important to stack up for PVP and PVE), Crit which is important as it helps you cap it out when using cloth armor, Crit DMG 2% which again is very important as you want to hit that 200% cap for max damage on your Crits. and human damage 4%. These stats are pretty much some of the highest stats you can get on this jade (the jades level and rank impacts the amount of stat you can roll).
For those who don’t want to PVP at all (even though you need to get some important jades, mounts and achievement points), you can replace the human damage % with treatment %, but you most likely wont need to because my crusader almost fully heals even heavy armor users without healing bonus, but if you truly want an OP heal apply this rule to every jade that i have by removing human damage reduction or human attack %.
Waist jade – Ancient Beast.Arcane Dragon Jade
Now there are a couple of waist jades you can use, the first one is the one i am using. However, this is by far the most difficult jade to obtain in the game at the 50 cap, and to obtain one with good stat is going to cost a great deal of cash. To give you an idea of the costs of the jade you will see, it cost around $100 from buying items with cash and selling in the Auction for gold. On 1 single jade that can be a lot of money for some so if that’s the case you can skip to the “Alternative” subheading which offers great alternatives to this jade.
so the jade is known as (in the Thai server) “Ancient beast. Arcane Dragon Jade” and is a yellow jade that offers an insane boost of 7% attack and all stats 1% (this isn’t a jade that needs to proc and all this stat is “passive”), as you can imagine this is awesome for a crusader as it gives your heal and damage a great boost. the recommended stat is the same as above, however, this is the best yellow jade that i have seen on the Thai server, which shows how hard it is to find good stat on this jade. This is also because they are very rare and hard to obtain which is from Daily Mission points quest boxes, the % chance of getting a yellow ancient beast jade from that box is very very low, what makes it even harder to get perfect options is that you can only reroll it 5 times not 10 times like other Dragon Jades.
Waist jade stat
On this jade you can see i have penetration, which again is an awesome boost for crit dmg, crit which again helps to cap it, human reduced dmg (its important i let you guys know what stat jades can get to do with humans, basically head, main body and lower waist can get human damage reduction. Gloves, boosts and weapon an get human damage %.)
Alternative Waist Jade 
There are a few options including 30% Crit DMG (not needed as much because even with cloth armor you can cap out crit dmg through various methods) which can be obtained through Eagle Eye reputation (I will get into more detail about reputation in another guide) from Li Lu NPC. see the pictures below:
Here are more Jades you can obtain from drops for the Waist part:
Main Body Armor Dragon Jade – Red Ant’s Jade
For the main body jade i highly recommend Red Ant’s jade, this is for every class and is one of the most used jades in the Thai server. Basically Red Ant’s Jade, although green, offers a proc that is awesome for keeping you alive. It basically reduces all the damage you take by a huge 50%, this shield lasts 10 seconds. It has a very high proc rate especially with bosses that multi hit attack you or when being attacked by multiple enemies at the same time.
You can obtain Red Ant’s Jade easily from Red Ant monsters which can be found on the Open Field/Hunter Club Lv41-50 maps known as Wind Hill. You can also obtain them through Dragon coins as shown previously with the Meteorite Jade.
Red Ant Jade stat 
As for stat as you can see mine has attack, hp, crit dmg 5%, human dmg reduction 5%. you can always stick to the stats you have seen so far which is hp, penetration (the + part next to crit dmg that gives you raw damage boost that bypasses defences by that amount when you crit), crit rate, attack, crit dmg, human dmg/reduction (if you love pvp like me) and treatment %(Heal bonus).
the jade i have for this is also known as p.pot for main armor type jade and is shown below in the picture
Head armor dragon jade – Doubling jade dragon
You can get this jade in orange grade, it has a great proc rate and gives you 100% damage for 5 seconds buff along with damage to elite (mini bosses) by 3%. the reasons why this jade is good is obvious who doesn’t want 100% extra damage.
The stat i have on this jade is also p.pot and is shown in the picture below.
How to obtain doubling jade dragon
you can obtain this jade via PVP (300 vs 300 Battlefield), you can purchase it from the NPC Battlefield “Vaus” located in the picture shown below. it costs 14400 Pink PVP tokens to purchase it. There are 3 types of PVP tokens (Blue, Pink and Orange) each type can be obtained by doing different modes of PVP and each type has its own merchant.
Doubling Dragon Jade exist in blue grade too but it has a different name which is “Shark’s Dragon Jade”. you can obtain it from the boss“Shark dragon Big Belly Jason” that is located in Corrosion Core map (Open Field/Hunter Club Lv21-30), or you can obtain it through Dragon Coins as shown previously.
Boot Dragon Jade – Jade Teeth 
A good boots jade that i recommend is known as Jade Teeth, this is another awesome jade for crusader and all classes in general, basically (being a PVP jade) gives 5% dmg to humans as a passive, along with attack which is a proc based attack jade. To activate jade teeth’s proc of 7% attack for 5 seconds you will need to first land a crit, once you crit it might proc.
My jade teeth is shown below, the stat isn’t very good for the one i have atm, it does give hp crit and crit dmg, but is missing human dmg so it isn’t p.pot, it has a useless stat for beast species attack. Although not p.pot it is still a good pot and thus, it still costs a decent amount of gold.
How to Obtain Teeth Jade
You can see below the location of the NPC that sells this jade on the map, you will need blue PVP tokens to purchase it and it costs 3900 tokens, you can obtain these tokens through the various PVP modes.
TIP: if your a funded player i recommend trying to get p.pot on all jades, crit dmg is a must to cap it if you are not going for leather armor.
Teeth Jade exists in blue grade too but in a different name and it is obtained from Corrosion Core Open Field/Hunter Club Lv21-30 maps or through Dragon Coins as explained previously. the blue grade jade is named “Dragon Flower’s Jade” it drops from a boss in that map named ” Dragon Flower Little Prince Kagula” it is a level 20 jade so it will need level 21-30 materials + Dragon Jade transformation Stones to roll and reroll it.
The difference between the Teeth Jade and the Dragon Flower’s Jade is that the Dragon flower’s jade doesn’t have a passive of 5% damage to humans like the Teeth Jade, also the chance for the 7% attack buff to proc when you crit is lower.
You can see below where you can obtain Dragon Flower’s Jade:
Weapon Jade – Iceberg or Outbreak Flash 
These are 2 jades that are awesome for weapons, both are pvp jades and the one I am using is iceberg, which shoots out an iceball at a % to do dmg from a far distance. Iceberg is great for more range based classes but also is good for crusader due to having a couple of ranged skills (semi ranged class). The other jade is known as outbreak flash which is also a pvp jade so both give a 5% dmg to human passive. Outbreak flash basically summons some blade like objects that spin around your char and dish out damage to things that are close to you.
I am personally using iceberg jade which is shown in the picture below and you can also obtain it from “Agassi” the same NPC as Teeth Jade, you can buy it for 10,800 Blue PVP Tokens. The stat i have on my iceberg is attack +208, pen +128, crit +50 and human dmg +6%, this also isn’t p.pot it can be very hard to find a p.pot weapon jade which would also include crit dmg%.
Dragon attribute board 
The dragon attribute board is a huge part of your character’s build, at level 20 you unlock this and can start farming the stones to place on your board. If you don’t know how to use Eco-Documentary or breed to get the correct mounts you can refer toPinkiss’s guide to the garden which explains everything you need to know.
So the stones i am going to be recommending for cloth armor crusader and pretty much is what 80% of people use regardless of class because these stones are so strong, are known as “Swift sun Dragon Hawk” and “flash leopard dragon”. These stones give almost the exact same stat but come from 2 very different mounts. The board contains 5 of each (as you can only use 5 of one type.
Swift sun dragon hawk stone
The swift sun dragon hawk stone gives you crit +119, crit dmg +2% and crit dmg reduction +3%. As you can imagine this gives you a huge boost to your crit if you use 5 of these, along with 10% crit dmg and 15% crit dmg reduction, which is all great for both pvp and pve.
To obtain a swift sun dragon hawk (which gives you this stone from the Eco-documentary you need to first obtain a normal dragon hawk (which is a boss battle mount), to obtain this asap so you can start breeding for your attribute board, you have a few options, first you can go hunt it from the open field known as Echo Valley and go from channel to channel to get it as a drop. Second you can go to the hunter club map known as Echo Valley and kill it inside, capping out your runs in that place daily till you get it as a drop. Finally there is guild boss, if your in a large guild that summons multiple boss eggs you might get it from that place (if you don’t know what this is go toPinkiss’s guild guide here and read into it.
Flash leopard dragon stone
The second stone is known as flash leopard dragon. You can obtain this from the leopard mount which is a normal mount and a lot more easy to obtain than dragon hawk. You can obtain leopard from the Open Field/Hunter Club Lv31-40 Isolation Forestmap or even with dragon coins just like dragon jades and materials. Normal leopard will only give a blue attribute stone that gives crit +88 crit dmg +1% and crit dmg reduction +3% BUT you don’t want this if you want the best attribute board possible, your going to need to breed it like with the dragon hawk to get the orange version (dragon hawk also has a blue attribute stone which isn’t as good that’s why you need to breed a swift sun dragon hawk). The name of the leopard your going to need to keep breeding in order to get 5 orange stones is Flash Leopard Dragon and the stat an orange leopard stone gives is crit +109, Crt dmg +2% and crit dmg reduction +3% which as you can see is a big step up from the blue one.
Picture of orange named Leopard stone and Dragon Hawk:
Total stats
so if you get a full board of these stones (5 orange leopard and 5 orange dragon hark), you will gain a grand total of 1140 crit rate, which is more than the raw stat of a full leather armor set. You will also gain 20% crit dmg which is awesome in helping you get that 200% cap. Finally, you will get a huge 30% reduction to crit dmg which is really helpful in pvp and even pve.
Skills + Add-ons
Here i am going to explain about skills, this will cover what each skill does, how it is useful, combos to apply along side the add-ons of skills that you choose to get.
What skills does crusader have? 
I will only quickly highlight the skills of a crusader here, if you want to know more information on a skill or its add-ons that i don’t use in my guide feel free to ask in response to this post. I will do my best to reply asap.
Here is a picture of the skills interface:
Meteor Beat
Meteor beat is a mid-high damage skill, it has a decent cool down of 8 seconds and the animation involves 2 swings of the hammer, followed by a bash to the ground. The animation makes this skill take a second or so to finish using.
Add-on: Violence strike, 5-stars
for meteor beat, i got an add-on known as “violence strike” (in the Thai, but is the last skill and the picture below will show it to help you find it in the English version). basically this add-on gives this skill 30% crit dmg (it basically applies only to this skill and it can BYPASS the cap of 200%, so when you crit with this skill you will be doing 230% crit dmg), the add-on also gives you 15% crit dmg for 4 seconds (which i usually chain to other skills to ensure that they crit).
Holy light heal
This is one of the main skills that defines a crusader for what it is, the best heal in the game Razz. It basically heals for 60% of your attack and if you get the add-on i did then a total of 90%. with this skill you can almost fully heal everyone in your party, including yourself. In pvp, this can be truly annoying especially if you kite people with your hammer and keep fully healing yourself .
Add-on – Holy light faith, 5-stars
If you want to be a true healer and take advantage of just how strong a crusader heals can be this add-on is a must, at 5* it gives you 30% extra heal.
Fury hammer sander
This is one of crusader most op skills, It is basically a hammer that is ranged, has only 6 seconds of cd and does a huge 594% INSTANT damage. this skill can 1 shot cloth users if you have enough attack and crit and even some leather users. I have taken out many gunners and mages with this skill alone. It is also very useful for pve if you want to kite monsters.
Add-on – Beating, 5-stars
I personally like to 5* my add-ons, the last few starts give the best benefits when it comes to some skills. As for this beating add-on, it gives a passive crit dmg 10% buff to your MAIN stat, which means it applies to every skill. It also gives a crit rate buff of 10% that applies only to this skill, when you combine it with the add-on for meteor beast + this you can east get 100% crit on this skill, even without the meteor beast add-on , you can get over 90% easy.
Battle Blessing
Battle blessing is a buff that your crusader gets that applies to the whole party, it gives 5% attack power for 80 seconds but has only a few seconds of CD and so it is basically permanent.
Add-ons – Cutting truth OR Life truth
Personally i find these 2 add-ons to be the best for this skill and really depends on personal preference to which you choose or the stat you need most of all.
– Cutting truth 
At max level this provides 3% of your attack goes onto your crit, to give you an idea this takes 70% crit to almost 75% with 17k attack. Remember the more crit you have, the less cri the raw number gives in %. Being cloth armor makes this buff give you great benefits as you get all that attack % from cloth, another reason for cloth armor on crusader.
– life truth
at max level life truth gives you 32% of your attack onto your hp, and as you can imagine this is a huge boost to your hp. If you want to have more hp which is also a benefit in pvp and pve then this is also a good buff to choose
The one you choose again is up to you, if you want to you can even mix the stars like 3* one and 2* another.
Thunder Hammer 
this is another stun, although i find it harder to use (you cant chain both stuns as the character gets a small immune to stun buff after your first stun has landed. This stun is a lot harder to land than the next skill i am about to talk about.
The stun on this skill lasts 2 seconds, there is an add-on to increase that but with testing this has been bugged on the Thai version since day 1, and doesn’t increase the duration till now.
Due to being very hard to use (for me at least in pvp situations here rolling happens), i decided not to use any SP here.
Smash Slam
Smash slam is a 3 second stun and one very important skill for pvp, and even to stun bosses as you can stop some skills with this. It is very easy to use as it can dash you to enemy (short distance dash). it does an awesome 500% dmg and has a 12 second cd.
having personally used up all skill points i didn’t put anything here, if you want to know any add-ons or all of the add-ons for all skills i can add them another time, just request it.
Basic skills
basic skills are also very important, they don’t have any add-ons but do give you some nice buffs and one is even very good for dmg.
Holy light fly hammer (basic skill)
Although just a basic skill, this skill is awesome and one of your best damage skills. Here’s why, it basically does 320% dmg, slows the movement speed by 50%, has almost instant cast, is RANGED, and if you crit the CD RESETS to 0, meaning you just hold down the button and let the hammers fly Razz until you don’t crit of course (which if you have over 70% and are in a party with members who have crit buffs is a long time) which when you don’t, all your other skills will be off of CD anyway (which do higher dmg). Additionally, you can hold down normal attack combo (explained below) to reset this skills CD to 0.
Attack combo (basic combo of 3 skills) 
Other basic skills that happen as you hold normal attack which is split into 3 different hits (stop the combo after any hit). What’s nice about this is the 2nd hit of basic combo increases your attack by a huge 30% for 6 seconds (not only increasing your dmg but your healing along with it). The 3rd and final hit resets the CD of Holy fly hammer to 0 and increases your heal by a huge 35% (even without all this i can fully heal almost anyone).
Stat Distribution
Stat distribution is one of the most important parts of your build. There are a few options you have. The first being to put all your points in attack, and the remaining points into crit, to give your crit a bit of a boost. By adding into attack you increase your raw healing ability along with increasing the buff that adds attack onto crit or hp (explained in skill section).
Another option is to put it all into crit and the rest into attack or crit dmg, by putting all into crit you give yourself the greatest crit boost, it all depends on what your char needs and your overall build by what points you add and where you add them.
CRIT DMG NOTE: i personally don’t add into crit dmg on crusader, but if you do go down that path be sure to know that stat based crit dmg isn’t crit dmg %, you can see in the picture below the red square highlights what crit dmg adds stat onto and as you can see, it’s the + part next to the %. Basically this is an armor defence bypassing system, it isn’t to do with the % crit dmg which caps at 200% and isn’t a raw dmg increase, but after testing many times, it seems to give about the same dmg boost as adding into attack, you wont notice much change.
NOTE: Stat reset is free, so play around and find what best fits your play style and tactics.
Well that is it for the crusader I think, if you have any questions feel free to ask.
Thanks all for reading!
P.S. the pets gear/jades will be in a separate guide.
Ok the video is now up
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This is basically me (5* heavy armor fighter) and my boyfriend (5* cloth crusader) doing a duo on what is by far the hardest dungeon in the game and is a 5 MAN party dungeon (at the 50 cap and we are using level 50 pvp armor parts and yellow weapons.).
No other class than healers can solo this place duo to constant damage. maybe a full tank can by using hp potions, but it would take a while due to lack of damage.
This video really shows that it is skill -> gear, most of those attacks would 1 shot my BF if he doesn’t evade them and as you can see they even 1 shotted me at one point. ( I had already casted the skill and was too late to cancel when it jumped at 6:28 )
You will notice the lion jumps high and slams the ground (this 1 shots my bf who uses cloth if he doesn’t evade and takes 90% of my hp with heavy if it didn’t crit, but if it crit which is what happened in the video as u saw i died)
The next thing are 3 fireballs (you notice for many main attacks a yellow cast bar under the bosses hp, this is where you need to be ready to roll for i-frames). If you are too close to the mouth all 3 fireballs will hit you and you are 1 shotted, if you are more far away they split up and you most likely can survive the damage of 1 ball, better to roll behind the boss at times like that.
Another attack is sort of like lion breath be sure to never attack the boss from the front always attack from the sides, that attack takes a lot of HP it will 1 shot cloth/leather users.
the final mechanic to note are rocks that are summoned, during this time the boss enters a rage mode and if you don’t take down those rocks ASAP your a goner basically who ever has aggro leads the boss away as the others take out the rocks as fast as possible. (while the boss is in rage mode if you try to attack it its hp won’t go down normally like when it isn’t in rage mode it will be as if its HP becomes 10x).